icbm seeks the cooperation with organisations and institutions that may be assumed to be an appropriate link to the actual topic of intercultural tension and conflicts. 

International Networking


icbm international council for business mediation and conflict management

was organised to act as a lobby for all mediators, practitioners, associations, institutions, training facilities and companies that are interested in applying business mediation as effective dispute resolution and developing its full potential.


icbm is the existing umbrella council for businessmediation to pool science, knowledge, practical experience and demand.


The work of the icbm is focussed on the following objectives:


  • To consolidate the societal relevance of mediation as successful dispute resolution method
  • To inform and educate people to establish mediation as key dispute resolution tool.
  • To promote proportionate legal and economic framework conditions for the work of mediators
  • To encourage the co-operation  of all individuals, organisations and institutions that are interested in effective dispute resolution.
  • To inform about international development in the field of business mediation and to show up and take advantage of possibilities to play an active part in the advancement.
  • To make sure a consistently high standard of mediation is practised in daily routine.
  • To create an internationally acknowledged and prestigioius quality seal for practising mediation.
  • To open up new fields of activity for mediators



In short – it is important for mediation to keep evolving, confronting many of the critical questions that will inform the development of mediation both as a profession and as a conflict resolution tool for users. More than ever actual topic are intercultural tension and conflicts and the role of mediation in using the positive energy of cultural disagreement on implicitness.


We appreciate contacts and cooperation with organisations and institutions that may contribute to the development of mediation or are interested in the exchange of experience in the field of mediation and conflict management. Please contact: office@icbm.at